Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planning takes time Whether you have a 3 month lead in time or are planning your wedding 18 months in advance. Planning a wedding takes time, and if your days at work are long and you have other commitments working on all the details of your wedding day can be a daunting and overwhelming […]

Picking a photographer that suits your style

Immortalized in .jpeg, your photos will always be a physical reminder of your wedding day happiness. “Photos are such an integral part of the wedding experience,” says Nadine Ziegeldorf, owner of Hoi An Events. “Consider your photographer as a guest of honor. He or she is not only shooting the event but also capturing the […]

Start Your Wedding Day With Yoga

Let’s face it, not all weddings are peaceful celebrations. Even in paradise the occasional slip up is inevitable. So, how do we ride the wave of chaos without letting it affect us on the big day? Start the morning on the mat! Whether you are a long-term yogi or a newbie to the ancient practice, […]